Legacy Youth Alliance

The Legacy Youth Alliance has been established to support qualifying youth-led projects and youth-serving organizations. The Legacy Youth Alliance is made up of high school students from the Ottumwa, Cardinal, Eddyville and Pekin school districts in addition to home-schooled students that are dedicated to using education, volunteerism, and grant-making to develop leadership skills, to act as role models, and to improve the communities in Wapello County. The Legacy Youth Alliance give young people a voice in the issues that affect them now, and the skills to confront the challenges they will face in the future.

Goals of the Legacy Youth Alliance are:

  1. To promote youth development and experiences in philanthropy
  2. To promote and encourage community initiatives that address concerns of youth
  3. To engage youth and adults in partnership where they work together to serve the common good.
  4. To build a future of strong community leaders and philanthropists.