Your Foundation

Thank you for taking the time to meet Your Foundation.


The Ottumwa Regional Legacy Foundation is committed to the well-being of the community. We are a private foundation that was created in April, 2010, following the sale of the assets of Ottumwa Regional Health Center to RegionalCare Hospital Partners. To ensure that the net proceeds from this transaction would benefit those living in the community previously served by the health center’s facility; a nonprofit charitable foundation was formed. Current assets for the Foundation total over $70 million.

Our Role in the Community

Here at the Foundation, we recognize and embrace the critical role that we can play in the community as a catalyst for positive change. We are doing this by:

  • Initiating and advancing promising ideas,
  • Making grants,
  • Convening,
  • Promotion collaboration,
  • Providing sound information,
  • and Celebrating Success.

Our Values

Courageous: We will be steadfast in our commitment to do what we believe is right; even in the face of opposition.
Honest: We will be open and truthful in our dealings with others.
Collaborative: We will seek to work with others to achieve our mission.
Respectful: We will treat others with dignity and fairness.
Trustworthy: We will be a dependable community resource, and honor our commitments.